Miss Claire Drurey



Claire is a postgraduate student working in the lab of Professor Saskia Hogenhout at the John Innes Centre. She investigates the interactions between aphids and the plants that they feed on using molecular biology and insect assays. Claire gets to study both plant immunity and entomology (insect science). Through this research she hopes to reduce crop losses to aphids and aphid-transmitted diseases.

Dr. Charlotte Miller


Dr. Charlotte Miller is a post-doctoral scientist working in the lab of Professor Michael Bevan. Her research is focused towards understanding the genetic component of final yield traits in the important crop plant, oilseed rape. In an attempt to link genetic variation with the variation observed in seed size etc., Charlotte uses a combination of computer modelling, molecular and microscopy techniques. Through her research, she hopes to provide breeders with the tools required to select for elite oilseed crops with enhanced yield.


Dr. Christine Faulkner



Dr. Christine Faulkner did her PhD in plant biology at the University of Sydney (Australia) studying proteins that regulate how plant cells communicate with each other. During post-doctoral positions at the University of Edinburgh, the John Innes Centre and the Sainsbury Laboratory, Christine expanded her research expertise to include plant-pathogen interactions and live-cell imaging technologies. Christine was awarded an independent research fellowship to start a research programme on how plant cells communicate during pathogen attack at Oxford Brookes University and in 2013 she moved her research to the John Innes Centre where she is currently a project leader.