Claire West


University of East Anglia
Twitter handle: @uniofeastanglia

Claire uses computer science, maths and information theory to organize and analyse complex biological data, especially genetic data. She is known as a bio-informatician and has worked across the Norwich Research Park. She grew up in Norfolk, taking her undergraduate and masters degrees at UEA. Claire completed her PhD at the John Innes Centre and the Institute of Food Research in 2013, using computational techniques to study genetic variation in yeast. Since then, Claire has worked in the crop genetics department at John Innes Centre, studying genetic variation in old races of wheat.

Sian Hill


Structural Engineer
Sinclair Johnston & Partners

Sian Hill is a London based Structural Engineer. She’s designed buildings that we use every day such as houses, schools, shopping centres and restaurants as well as the roads, bridges and train lines we need to travel between them.

Sian enjoys working on beautiful historical listed buildings and adapting them for contemporary use but also has experience designing functional structures and even worked designing a Wastewater treatment plant for a year.

Find out more about Sian here: Does a career in engineering add up? You do the maths…

Maddie Moate


Edu-tuber and Television Presenter
Twitter handle: @maddiemoate

Maddie Moate is a UK based YouTuber and Television Presenter, passionate about
technology, natural history and travel. One of the few female “Edu-tubers” in the UK, Maddie has been hosting educational online content for the past 5 years.

Maddie started her career in technology presenting Lady Geek TV, a comedy technology web series for Nokia and Kaspersky. From here she was approached by O2 to host O2 Guru TV and went on to create the online content for Channel 4’s TV Series, Home of the Future.

Maddie uses her own YouTube channel to inspire her audience to “Stay Curious!”.

Presenting online video lead to opportunities in radio and television and in 2014 Maddie was invited to join the BBC 5 Live “Saturday Edition” team as their resident technology expert. She now pops up a frequent guest on BBC 5 Live’s “Big Share” to discuss viral internet stories and is often asked to share her words of wisdom on the latest tech news on both the radio and the likes of BBC Breakfast and Good Morning Britain.

Dr Helen Czerski


Research Fellow
Department of Mechanical Engineering at University College London
Twitter handle: @helenczerski

Helen is a physicist and oceanographer with a passion for science, sport, books, creativity, hot chocolate and investigating the interesting things in life.

Helen graduated from the University of Cambridge in 2001 with a first in Natural Sciences (Physics), and again in 2006 with a PhD in experimental explosives physics. During this time she also worked at the University of Toronto in Canada and Los Alamos National Laboratory in the USA. She currently works at UCL in London.

Helen has gone on to present a documentary about the sun for BBC2 a more personal journey about bubbles for BBC4 and Super Senses, an NHU production for BBC2 exploring the world of science through animal sight, sound and scent.  This year Helen is working with Horizon and will also be filming a 3 part series for BBC4.

Helen is also writing her first book, Storm In A Teacup, due for publication in 2016.