Dr. Gill Malin

Gill Malin

Dr. Gill Malin’s background is in Biology. She did her BSc and PhD degrees at the University of Liverpool. She has also worked at the University of Bristol and Case Western Reserve University in Ohio, USA. Her research is interdisciplinary and hard to put a label on, but ‘biological oceanography’ covers most of it. She currently works in the School of Environmental Sciences at the University of East Anglia, which is  renowned for excellent interdisciplinary research. She is fascinated by the roles that marine organisms play in the biogeochemical cycles that are essential for the functioning of the Earth system and her research focuses on how unicellular marine plankton and seaweeds, interact, adapt to and influence their environment, and how this could alter with climate change. The work involves lab experiments on samples collected in the natural environment and cultures of marine microorganisms and  fieldwork onboard research ships, on rocky shores and at land-based coastal fieldwork sites where huge floating bags can be filled with seawater for experiments. She also teaches undergraduate students about aspects of marine biology and environmental science.

Alongside her research and teaching, Gill is passionate about ensuring equality of opportunity, the empowerment of women and stamping out unconscious bias to enable true gender equality. To this end, Gill leads ResNet, a contact, support and information network with a fairness and gender equality focus for people working in research, teaching and support roles at the University of East Anglia and the Norwich Bioscience Institutes and uses her twitter account @GillMalin to highlight equality issues (all views are my own not those of the university).