The numbers of female students choosing to study STEMM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics and Medicine) subjects are too low.

For example, the percentage of female A-level physics students has never exceeded 20%1. Additionally, even in the life sciences, where the numbers of male and female graduates have been even for over 30 years, women are under-represented in leadership positions2. Girls and women represent untapped talent, which we need if we are to continue to grow and succeed, improve technology and solve problems. If women are under-represented we all lose out.

NextGenSTEMM is a gift from us, a group of female scientists based at the Norwich Research Park (NRP), to the next generation of female STEMM professionals.

NextGenSTEMM was formed to encourage girls to study STEMM subjects and to pursue careers that will inspire them and make the world a better place. We want to help girls aim high and exceed expectations. 

On April 23rd 2015 we hosted the next generation of achievers in STEMM at the John Innes Centre for a day-long conference designed to inspire, educate and encourage girls to choose STEMM.

1Institute of Physics
2House of Commons Science and Technology Select Committee

* The nextgenstemm and women-of-the-future logos were designed by Mabon Ellis @mabonrhun

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