Samantha Fox


Research Scientist JIC & Director and Co-founder, Youth STEMM Award
John Innes Centre
Twitter handle: @sambrownfox

Samantha is a plant scientist at the world class John Innes Centre (JIC) and spends much of her time figuring out how to solve the complex question of how plants get their shape. Growing up as a teenager in Essex she really had no idea what she wanted to do for her career but quite enjoyed science so went on to study Biology at University. She joined the JIC as a graduate level research assistant and has since developed the skills and experience to become an expert in the field of plant growth analysis and has worked with computer scientists to publish the first computer model of a growing leaf. She enjoys presenting her findings at international conferences because it often means travelling to far flung and exotic places, particularly when she spent two weeks working in a lab in Bangalore, India, investigating the growth of exotic plant species.

Samantha really likes working with young people as she is passionate about encouraging the next generation of scientists. She lead the creation of The Year 10 Science Camp at the Norwich Bioscience Institutes, a flagship work experience training program, for which she received the 2014 JIC KEC award for excellence with impact. In addition Samantha is a champion for equality and diversity and a member of the JIC Athena SWAN committee. She recently received the Athena SWAN Silver award on behalf of the JIC at the Royal Society in London.